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How to Know if He Really Loves You : Signs to Look For

The last few months of dating have gone wonderfully. Every morning he sends a sweet text. Flowers arrive, promises whispered, and no amount of time together seems like enough. Everyone knows the expectations for a perfect relationship, but few real-life couples meet those standards. Work gets in the way, friends want attention, the weather destroys plans for romantic picnics, and pandemics keep people apart. Most people just want to know how to know if he really loves you. Luckily, there are ways to tell even if the real world insists on intruding.

Respect is Expected

Men want the woman they love to feel respected. Their expectations do not only apply to their behavior, but to everyone in their life. Men in love demand their friends, family, and others show their sweetheart the respect she deserves.

Plans are Made

Do not focus only on marriage plans as a proof of love. Men prove their desire to continue to spend time with a partner through many types of plans. Some may want to schedule a long trip and others may have concerts, sporting events, and parties lined up for you both to attend every weekend for the next few months. The interest in plans shows the intention to stay together, and that only happens when they love someone.

Trust is Real

Trust does not happen automatically, and sometimes couples never reach that point. Trusting relationships allow people to spend time apart without worry. They are when people tell each other information and the other accepts it without question. Trust means never feeling afraid of the other person or unsure about their intentions. Men show they trust their partner when they give their girlfriend their house keys, ask them to watch a beloved pet, or introduce them to favorite friends and family members.

It is common for men to love their partners wholeheartedly while their partner still questions their boyfriend’s commitment to them. Many men express their emotions differently than women and are not always as vocal about their feelings. Rather than worry, women only need to learn more about the behavioral signs that show what their boyfriend feels.